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​The objective with this was to merge an activity that the children did not like very much with an activity that they thoroughly enjoy. Many young children find it tedious to memorise the letters of the alphabet and learn to identify them. To help with this we created an alphabet song that the children could sing and dance to.

Method - Each letter of the alphabet was associated with a particular dance step and the children and facilitator created these together. Many of the dance steps were created to help the children identify the alphabet as well. For example one child associated the letter ha in Kannada to a sleeping 8 and the dance step would involve sleeping when the letter ha was called out. 

Observation - Many of the children thoroughly enjoyed the dancing and were very excited to show the others what steps they had made. Some of the older children participated as well and helped out to choreograph the dance. Finally the children also performed their dance in front of the community during our annual day programme. Some young children found the dance and song silly and preferred to learn the alphabet through worksheets. These children were in the minority however. 

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