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Clay Modeling


It is impossible to be an expert at everything and with a small group of facilitators it may not be possible to have all kinds of learning. Though we can facilitate different activities via videos and the internet there are times when we require an external facilitator to help. The children had been wanting to do clay modeling for the longest time and for this we decided to experiment with an external facilitator for clay modeling and pottery. We tried to have someone from the community so that we would also have some amount of community engagement. 

Method - We invited Viswanath who is a local arts teacher to come into the center and demonstrate clay modelling. We paid him to bring in the clay and to teach the children some clay modelling. We informed the children beforehand that we would be doing clay modelling and to come in expecting that we would do it. 

Observation - The first time we brought an external facilitator in we struggled to retain the norms of our space and the facilitator ended up being a little didactic and did not give the children a lot of freedom. The second session was much better and the children had a chance to play and enjoy the process a lot more. Both times however, the learners were very interested and made models for themselves to take home. They thoroughly enjoyed the session and wanted to have it once every month.

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