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The children asked to go on a trip for a long time. It is something they do as part of the school and they felt it would be something fun to do as a group from the center as well. We felt that it would be good to end the school year with a trip to the museum. We thought it would be a great exposure as well to really learn some science. We also felt it would further the sense of community we have at the center by going on a field trip together. 

Method - We spoke to the children for a week about going on a trip. We also experimented by taking them to a ground nearby making sure that we were capable of taking them out of the safe space of the center. We hired a bus and organised some food for the children. We gathered a bunch of volunteers and also spoke to many of the parents to provide some support. A few older siblings and adults from the community agreed to accompany us on the trip. 

Observation - The children thoroughly enjoyed the trip and it felt like a great way to end the year. Many of the children had been to the museum before but having a facilitator talk to the children and really explain some of what they were seeing was something many children said they valued. The involvement of the larger community for instance parents as facilitators as well as engagement with other youth as facilitators was another positive. However it was a bit taxing on the facilitators and we did have a scare with two children wandering off. Overall all the 70-80 children who came to the museum had a blast.

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