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Many of the children in marginalised sections of society grow up in an environment where violence is normalised. Sometimes they fight amongst each other even though it starts as a play thing amongst themselves. So the objective was to have a peace room to be used as a safe room. The room could be used in case one feels agitated, angry, sad, overwhelmed. It serves as a place where one can give himself/herself time. It is also a brave space, where both the facilitators and the learners can dialogue without any fear of judgment. The peace room is intended as a space of acceptance. 

Method - A peace room is created for children to take a moment and collect themselves. The room is clearly labeled as such and some posters have been put up in the room that consist of actions like deep breaths, some stretching exercises, to give someone a hug etc. that may be helpful in calming someone. Learners and facilitators use the room individually or in small groups. 

Observation - We have had various types of responses to the peace room. Children often are curious when someone is in the peace room. We see them, climbing on the walls or peeping through the windows to figure what is happening. We found that whenever children in groups enter, they are generally being playful. They would hide in the cupboard or behind it. Giving the facilitator a chase in the process. Some children would fake being angry so that they can be in the room. Children do enjoy the exercises, particularly breathing and stretching. The facilitators themselves have been using the peace room when they have felt overwhelmed.

Peace Room
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